SEASON 1: Edit

1. The Paranormal Investigation. Teenager Puck comes to two nice homeless women Trix and Maxime to tell them about his paranormal knowledge. Their first case has them investigating a series of alien abductions. The case takes an unexpected turn when Puck is kidnapped by an UFO and then finds himself in a mysterious unexplained room. Will he find the same fate like the other victims?

2. The Substance. Puck, Maxime and Trix are interested in a case involving a series of deaths after people drink from a natural water source and die a week later. However there was no trace of a poison in the waters.

3. Something In The Woods. A bounty hunter goes missing during a shoot-out in the national forest. Trix and Maxime believe a gang is involved with the case, but Puck believes a mysterious monster is somewhere in the woods waiting for another human price.

4. The Sources. A series of hate crimes revealing an unusual case involving an infecting SOA. The team must find the source of the disease in a race against the clock.

5. Forensics. A genetic DNA information reveals that the remains of a body are maybe from an alien. Puck believes the case for all.